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Hale Mahana - 2-Story Princeville Vacation Home with a Private Pool

Nicely nestled in the notable community of Princeville on Kauai's exotic north shore is Hale Mahana. This 2-story vacation home features 1,838 sqft of living space, 2 master suites (located on separate floors for increased privacy), 2 bathrooms, and a private swimming pool... [more]

Honu Hale Sunrise | Charming Princeville Vacation Home with a Pool

A new addition to Kauai Exclusive's inventory, Honu Hale Sunrise is a charming vacation home with a pool. Located in the prestigious Princeville community on Kauai's north shore, this 3,051 sqft home sleeps 10, with a generously sized master suite, and has been tastefully decorated and furnished with high-quality finishes. Offering 5 bedrooms (2 king beds, 2 queen beds, 1 full bed) and 4 bathrooms, this home is spacious enough for a small business group or large family... [more]

Airbnb Awards Kauai Exclusive with Superhost Badge for Outstanding Customer Service

We feel honored to be awarded for our continued efforts on welcoming visitors to our favorite place on the planet, the island of Kauai. We are passionately committed and look forward to providing service with aloha, luxurious accommodations, and a one-of-a-kind vacation experience... [more]

Waipouli Beach Resort #B301 is New to Our Vacation Rental Inventory

We are excited to welcome another beautiful Waipouli Beach Resort condo to our rental pool, Unit #B301. Winner of two first prizes in the $2,000,000 + condo category of the 2006 50th Parades of Homes, WBR #B301 will not disappoint. Located on the resort's exterior, close to the white sand beach and swimming pool, this unit has been recently renovated and boasts beautiful mountain views... [more]

West Side Vacation Guide: Popular Activities, Attractions, and Things To Do

The West Side of the island is pretty different from the rest of Kauai as far as the scenery goes. Here you can find wide open spaces and charming little towns. Full of historical sites, natural attractions, and cultural activities, the West Side is also where a lot of the island's sugar cane fields used to be and still are. If you want to follow the highway, enjoy some great food along the way, see some popular attractions, learn a little about Kauai's past, and catch a spectacular sunset, the West Side is the perfect destination. Read about our favorite places to go on Kauai's West Side... [more]

South Side Vacation Guide: Popular Activities, Attractions, and Things To Do

Popular for its consistent sunshine and sandy beaches, the South Shore is the place to go to if you're looking for great weather. Fun activities and fantastic restaurants are also scattered among the gorgeous landscape, easily making it the most desirable spot for vacationers. Learn some of Kauai's great history, see some amazing, one-of-a-kind sights, play on some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, or simply relax poolside with your beverage of choice. No matter what you decide to do on Kauai's South Shore, we're positive that you'll enjoy your time here... [more]

Central Kauai Vacation Guide: Popular Activities, Attractions, and Things To Do

Full of action, activities, restaurants, and shopping, Central Kauai has some unique island towns. If you want to be close to Kauai's mall, theater, and perhaps even the hospital, you are going to want to stay in Lihue or Puhi. Central Kauai is the government and commercial center of the island and is probably the most trafficked town on Kauai because it's home to the main airport and Nawiliwili Harbor, where all the cruise ships dock. Come and see for yourself how much fun you can have in a little big town... [more]

East Side Vacation Guide: Popular Activities, Attractions, and Things To Do

The East Side is pretty popular with both locals and visitors and offers a lot of unique activities, restaurants, and experiences. Whether you're hiking up the Sleeping Giant, dining on some of the freshest sushi, enjoying a delicious shave ice, or exploring the bike path, this side of the island offers adventure and memories to those that seek them. Get out there and explore the wonderful East Side attractions. You'll be surprised at just how much fun you can have... [more]

North Shore Vacation Guide: Popular Activities, Attractions, and Things To Do

Full of charming towns, lush scenery, and gorgeous beaches, the North Shore is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast, those that want adventure, and for those experienced surfers that are looking for some great waves. About a 45-minute drive from the Lihue Airport, the North Shore is relatively remote. There are no stoplights, fast food restaurants, or shopping malls, but there is plenty of beauty and endless things to do here. Forget about that phone and those unchecked emails for awhile, and experience Kauai at its best... [more]

Kauai Vacation Guide - Which Side of the Island is Best For You?

Once you have your mind set that you want to vacation on Kauai, the next step is to figure out which side of the island you want to stay on. Kauai is pretty small in size, so regardless of where you stay, you'll be able to visit every side in your rental car. However, each side has its own highlights, great beaches to visit, and weather variations. Here we'll help you decide which side of Kauai you should stay on or plan to visit. Welcome to the ultimate Kauai vacation guide... [more]

Waipouli Beach Resort Suite F302 - Perfect for Honeymoons, Family Vacations, and More

For those seeking to find a room nothing short of perfection, for a great price, F302 is the room for you. This third floor suite has all the amenities you'll need, whether you're on vacation with your family, or you're looking for a nice room to spend your honeymoon in. Read on about all that this room has to offer... [more]

Best Summer Activities for Kauai Visitors

Kauai is blessed with consistently great weather all year round, but there are some activities that are best enjoyed in the summer. The summer months bring drier weather and different ocean conditions... [more]

Best Activities to Try While Visiting Kauai For the First Time
So, you've decided to vacation on Kauai. Smart move. While you are certain you want to vacation in paradise, you may be wondering, "What should I do while visiting? Are there any activities that I should absolutely try?" The answer is yes, yes there are. Find out our top 5 recommended Kauai activities... [more]

Waipouli Beach Resort Suite A301 Now Available Through Kauai Exclusive Management
Kauai Exclusive Management is happy to announce that Waipouli Beach Resort Suite A301 is now available through our website. This suite is the closest one bedroom unit to the water at the resort! With an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean from the balcony, this is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beachfront accommodations... [more]

Waipouli Beach Resort Penthouse G405 Now Available Through Kauai Exclusive Management
Kauai Exclusive Management is pleased to announce that the sunset mountain view Penthouse G405 is now available through the Kauai Exclusive website. G building is 1 of only 3 buildings at Waipouli Beach Resort that is directly beachfront. It's perfect for honeymooners, high rollers, or anyone looking for an exquisite luxury penthouse!... [more]

How to Have a Perfect Poipu Beach Day
Kauai's South Shore is a popular place to visit when on the island of Kauai. It's the place to go to if you're looking for the sun. You can find great souvenir shops, beaches to explore, and fine restaurants. If you are looking to spend a fun-filled day on this side of the island, check out the places we recommend you visit - some of them are places you'll want to experience before leaving Kauai... [more]

Find Santa! Where to Take a Photo with Santa Claus on Kauai
Wondering where you can a free picture taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus on Kauai? If you're vacationing on Kauai and want to take a photo with Santa before you leave, make sure you plan to stop by the Historic County Building in Lihue on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday from 6-8 pm. Santa will even be there on Christmas Eve!... [more]

5 Travel Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Holiday Vacation on Kauai
With the holiday season quickly approaching, it is a great time to make sure all of your travel plans are in place. Traveling during this time of year can be chaotic. Here are 5 tips to help your trip to Kauai go a little more smoothly, so you can have a nice, relaxing holiday vacation.... [more]

What Makes Kauai's Fall Season So Special?
What is it that makes Kauai a place worth visiting during the fall season? We could list several reasons, but we keep it short and simple, and give you some great, basic reasons we think Kauai is an awesome vacation spot during this time of year... [more]

Kauai Beaches That Are Great For Kids
Kauai has around 50 miles of beautiful and fun beaches for you to enjoy, good for swimming, playing, and simply relaxing. Some of the best beaches in the world are found right here on the Garden Island. With so many options to choose from, which are the best beaches to bring the kids to?... [more]

3 Things You'll Love About Kauai
There is so much to love about Kauai. The island has many unique things about it that just keep you coming back for more. It is truly a place unlike any other. For this blog, we chose three things that almost anyone will love, and will experience regardless of what side of the island you stay on, how long your vacation lasts, or what time of year you visit. Read on to find out what they are... [more]

Kauai Farmers' Markets - Fresh Island Produce Every Day of the Week
Want to find some great local produce on Kauai? Then you'll want to visit Kauai's numerous farmers' markets, happening somewhere on island 7 days a week. Here we not only tell you when and where you can find farmers' markets, but also give you some tips to help make the experience as enjoyable as possible... [more]

Princeville Golf Club's Super Summer Event Scheduled to Kick Off this Saturday
Don't miss your chance to check out Princeville Golf Club's Super Summer Event. This is a great all-day event that only comes around twice a year. Bring the whole family to enjoy all of the live music, delicious food, and great handmade Kauai products. Read more to find out about all that will be going on at this event... [more]

Kapaa, Kauai Claims a Spot on Huffington Post's "Most Underrated Cities in the US" List
Kauai has made headlines again with the town of Kapaa being named one of the most underrated cities in the United States. Those that have been to Kapaa know all that the city has to offer. Read on to find out why we think Kapaa is so great and what things you should make sure you do while visiting... [more]

Great Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July on Kauai - Fireworks, Popular Events & More
Wondering where you should celebrate the 4th of July on Kauai this year? There are a couple of places to choose from. Here are our best recommendations, so you can be sure to have some good food, a great fireworks show, and just plain old fun.... [more]

Kauai Voted One of the Top 10 US Islands to Visit
Not surprisingly, Kauai was recently voted as one of the top 10 islands you should vacation to in the US. The Garden Island's natural beauty makes this a no-brainer vacation destination spot. Summer's here! Come see what makes Kauai so enticing and decide for yourself if you think it's a top contender... [more]

How to Stay Cool on a Hot Kauai Day
Are you wondering exactly how to stay cool on those hot Kauai days? Trade winds usually greet you each morning on island, but when there is no wind, what can you do to keep cool? Here we tell you three great ways to cool down and stay refreshed - and the great news is that they're all affordable and fun... [more]

Why Vacation on Kauai? - A Special Place Everyone Should Visit at Least Once
Why should you vacation on Kauai? While this is an easy answer for some, for those that have never heard of the Garden Island, you might be wondering just that. Kauai has many attractive reasons why you should plan your next vacation (or every vacation) here. We tell you why we love the island and what about it keeps us coming back for more... [more]

7 Commonly Used Hawaiian Words Every Visitor Should Know
Hawaiian words are, of course, commonly used in day to day conversation here in the islands, and can also be seen on restaurant menus, street signs, etc. Knowing a few of them will help you understand what you're ordering, or what a local might be saying to you. Impress your friends with some Hawaiian lingo and they'll think you really know your stuff... [more]

Waipouli Beach Resort Hotel Rooms Now Available Through Kauai Exclusive
Want to stay in a hotel room on Kauai? Consider the Waipouli Beach Resort, one of the island's best resorts and a winner if planning to vacation on the east side. Waipouli hotel rooms offer all the great resort amenities at a price that will make you smile... [more]

America's Food Truck Craze Hits Kauai
While driving around Kauai taking in the sights, you may have noticed several food trucks parked on the side of the road and at several popular beaches - they are a quickly growing trend here on the island. Serving up fresh and delicious meal options, these trucks offer quick and affordable gourmet food choices that your whole entourage will enjoy... [more]

How to Book the Right Luxury Vacation Condo - Waipouli Beach Resort Guide (Part 2)
Read Part 2 of the Waipouli Beach Resort Guide. Which Waipouli Beach Resort condo should you book? Learn more about the resort and all that is offered. Take a look at the resort map provided to determine which vacation condo will best suite your needs. Here we also recommend things to consider when deciding which luxury condo you want to vacation in... [more]

How to Spend a Rainy Day on Kauai
In the land of rainbows a little rain must fall. While nobody wants to plan on having it rain during their Kauai vacation, there are some island activities you may want to save to do just in case it does. Here are recommended places to go and things to see when it is raining outside... [more]

Waipouli Beach Resort Guide
Here is a helpful guide to use when deciding on which luxury vacation condo is best for you. Learn a little bit about the Waipouli Beach Resort and all the amenities offered. What makes the Waipouli Beach Resort so special? Read on to see what distinguishes this resort from other Kauai vacation rentals and condos, and why this is a great place to stay when you visit the Garden Island... [more]

Waipouli Beach - A Beautiful White Sand Beach in Kapaa
Read about the charming little beach located directly in front of the Waipouli Beach Resort. It's the perfect place for a quick beach stroll, or to enjoy gorgeous sunrises, sunsets, and more. Visit this white sand Kauai beach in Kapaa, relax in the warm Hawaiian sunshine, and let your cares fade away... [more]

3 Reasons to Visit Kauai During Your Winter Vacation
Escape the winter elements and come visit the island of Kauai. Here we give you three more reasons to add to your never-ending list of why you want to visit the island. Make your winter one to remember by spending it in an enchanting place like the Garden Island... [more]
Popular Kauai-Made Food Products You'll Want to Take Home With You
A special place like Kauai will leave you wondering if you can take a piece of the island home with you. You'll be delighted to know that you can! There are several Kauai-made products available for purchase across the island. Find out which five Kauai-made food products we recommend you pack in your suitcase and will enjoy having when you return home... [more]

3 Best Kauai Sushi Restaurants
It's hard to visit Kauai without wanting to eat some good sushi. If you're looking where to find delicious and fresh Kauai sushi restaurants, this blog is for you. These popular sushi restaurants are highly recommended and will impress and happily satisfy everyone in your group. Find out which three sushi restaurants make our list!... [more]

2013 Halloween Events on Kauai for Kids and Adults
Even though you're on vacation, you can still celebrate the holidays on Kauai. Here we tell you where to go if you want to celebrate Halloween and maybe even do a little trick-or-treating. Read about some popular Halloween events for both children and adults. These are recommended places on Kauai where you can find Halloween costume parties, fall festivals, a corn maze, a haunted house, and more... [more]

How to Have an Enjoyable Kauai Vacation Without Renting a Car
While any vacation can be expensive, there are ways you can save money vacationing on Kauai - one of them being that you don't have to rent a car; there are other ways to explore the Garden Island. Read our 3 best Kauai vacation tips on how to get around the island without renting a car... [more]

Waipouli Beach Resort Suite H303 Now Available Through Kauai Exclusive Management
Kauai Exclusive is now managing Waipouli Beach Resort Suite H303, one of the resort's top luxury suites. This 2 bed/3 bath Kapaa vacation rental offers many luxury amenities and complementary room features, including a full gourmet kitchen, flat screen TVs, and wireless internet - not to mention amazing ocean and sunset views from a private lanai. Escape from the busyness of life for a little while in this quiet and luxurious third floor Waipouli Beach Resort suite... [more]

Kapaa, Kauai Ranked by Forbes One of 'America's Prettiest Towns' To Travel To
Read about Kapaa, Kauai being ranked as one of America's prettiest towns, why Forbes thinks Kapaa is such an ideal American town to travel to, and find out which Kapaa resort we recommend as being the best place to vacation at when traveling to Kauai's east side... [more]

Helpful Information to Know Before Hiking Kauai's Kalalau Trail
Kauai's Kalalau Trail is a world renowned Kauai hiking trail due to its dramatic, jagged cliffs and panoramic ocean views. Here we discuss the important things you need to know before hiking this north shore Kauai trail. Read about helpful facts, Kalalau Trail precautions, recommendations and guidelines, and Na Pali Coast trail highlights before you decide to hike the Kalalau Trail on Kauai's north shore.... [more]

Kauai's 3 Best East Side Beaches to Visit - Beach Guide
There's no better way to experience the beauty of Kauai than by visiting its magical beaches. Here we rank the top 3 east side Kauai beaches you should visit while vacationing on the Garden Island. Read what we think are contributing characteristics of a good beach and see which 3 Kauai beaches make our list... [more]

12 Good Kauai Restaurants to Eat at Along the Kapaa Bike Path
Ke Ala Hele Makalae provides a great atmosphere for eating and welcomes you to bring your own meal to enjoy. Here we recommend 12 great Kauai restaurants and places to eat while staying in Kapaa and traveling along the Kapaa Bike Path... [more]

Kapaa Bike Path Guide - Exploring The East Side of Kauai
Read about the Kapaa Bike Path, a newly added oceanfront path that runs along Kauai's east side. This is a helpful resource for everything you need to know about the Kauai Bike Path, including its rules and guidelines, the length of the bike path, the estimated time of completion, parking and access, the future of the path, and more. See why 'the path that goes by the coast' is quickly becoming a popular place for both locals and tourists to hang out at on Kauai. [more]

Tahiti, Mexico, Maui, and other Hawaiian Islands Surf Accommodations

Looking for a vacation rental on another island? Kauai Exclusive Management is pleased to showcase the following vacation rentals: TAHITI http://www.tahiticonnections.com MAUI http://www.mauiconnections.com http://www.puukoapalms.com OAHU Hawaii: The Sunset Beach House http://www.sunsetbeachhouse.com Kailua, Waikiki, Lanikai Estate, Waimanalo Beach Lots http://petritzrealty.com/Rentals.aspx MEXICO Puerto Vallarta: Home Of The Dolphins http://www.sunsetbeachhouse.com/puerto-vallarta/casa-dolphins.htm Puerto Vallarta: Penthouse Of The Dolphins http://www.sunsetbeachhouse.com/puerto-vallarta/penthouse-dolphins.htm Cancun: Casa Maya Playa http://www.sunsetbeachhouse.com/cancun... [more]
KAZUMA SURFBOARDS HAWAII - Order a board and have it shipped to Kauai!

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Review of Waipouli Beach Resort! "Aloha everyone! I am still feeling the Hawaiian spirit, which will stay with me even longer, since my last visit to Kauai was just perfect. I rented a condo unit at Waipouli Resort from a local Kauai resident, Joshua Rudinoff. He was so pleasant to work with (just filled with the Aloha Spirit) and was... [more]
Kauai Vacations from $99/nt, provided by Kauai Exclusive Management

Last minute Kauai vacation rental deals, provided by Kauai Exclusive Management. [more]
Hawaii Stream Live Web Broadcast -Irons Brothers Host Surf Event!

New to Kauai.... Hawaii Steam. This is a company that produces live web broadcasting throughout Hawaii. They are like a "Hawaii YouTube!!" They also have live web cams so you can see what the weather is doing around the islands. IF you have an event, wedding, or anything interesting going on that needs some attention, please connect with Hawaii Stream. Read more.... [more]

Feb.28, 2009 WHALE WATCH/SNORKEL SAIL BENEFIT FOR HAWAII CHILDREN'S THEATER with Captain Andy's Sailing Location: Captain Andy's Sailing Adventures Port Allen Marina Center Eleele, Kauai, HI 96705 For more info, please visit: http://www.hawaiichildrenstheatre.com Don't miss this great opportunity to sail with Captain Andy on his big trimaran boat as a benefit for the Hawaii Children's Theatre, the folks who brought... [more]
Healthtips from Kauai - Coconuts are Healthy!

Health Nuts Go Coconut - Written by: by Cheryl Martin/Kauai Traveler magazine Jan 2009 "What makes coconuts so healthy? Cultures that include coconuts in their regular diet have the lowest heart disease rates in the world. The coconut's amazing healing properties are known to reduce the risk of cancer, osteoporosis, and diabetes, as well as help detoxify the liver, build... [more]
Discount Car Rentals in Kauai

SAVE ON KAUAI CAR RENTALS... Renting a car is easy and now more affordable! Just click on one of our preferred parter logos below, and follow the steps. The discount codes are already entered! Book Online Book Online Or Call: 1-800-962-1434 AWD number: G028900 Rate code: P2 Pseudo number: 0138165i Mention Kauai Exclusive Management Or Call: 1-800-527-0700 BCD number: X797763... [more]
Kauai Exclusive Now offers Beach Portraiture

NEW!!! Why not have your best memories from your Kauai vacation, photographed by a professional? "On location beach portraiture for couples & families. Every moment in paradise is special, allow me to capture yours!" Whether it's for your portfolio, print or personal, Kauai offers many different locations featuring waterfalls, tide pools, and secluded beaches. With a fresh clean look and... [more]