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Kauai is more than a stunning place to visit. It is home to residents who take pride in their culture and history. One way this is shown is through the Hawaiian language. For anyone planning a vacation to Kauai, take the time to learn some common Hawaiian words and phrases before you arrive. Whether studying on the airplane or practicing at your Kauai Exclusive Management rental, learning even a handful of words is an easy way to show respect for the culture and people of this region.

A Checklist of 9 Helpful Phrases and Words

It would take you a lifetime to learn all of the Hawaiian language. However, there are some words and phrases you will likely come across during your Kauai vacation. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of several helpful Hawaiin words and phrases every visitor should know.

  1. While aloha is often used as a way of saying “hello” or “goodbye,” it is also a way of life and acknowledgment of what matters. 
  2. If you are trying to say “thank you,” say mahalo. Another option is mahalo nui loa, which means “thank you very much.”
  3. If someone says one of the above to you, your response would be ‘A‘ole pilikia, which means, “you’re welcome.”
  4. It’s common to see e komo mai above the doors of shops and restaurants. This phrase means “welcome” or “come on in.”
  5. Makai means towards the ocean, while mauka refers to toward the mountain. Knowing these two terms is helpful if asking for directions.
  6. When dining out and a waiter asks how your meal is, respond with ‘ono to say it was delicious. This is also a type of fish.
  7. When you’re looking for a small bite to eat, you’re looking for a pupu, a snack or an appetizer.
  8. Pau hana is the time after work. Restaurants will often have pau hana specials, which is the same as happy hour.
  9. If you accidentally bump into someone or are trying to navigate a crowd, say, “e kala mai.”

Knowing how to say the above phrases or words is as important as knowing what to say. Listen to a recording of the phrase and repeat it until you have it down.

Learn Something New on a Kauai Vacation

The living area of a Kauai vacation rental to practice common Hawaiian words and phrases.

While a vacation to Kauai is the perfect way to enjoy some R&R, it’s also a great way to expand your horizons. From practicing common Hawaiian words and phrases in your Kauai Exclusive management rental to snorkeling for the first time, the possibilities are endless.

No matter what is on your itinerary, it’s important to have a centrally located place to call home. At Kauai Exclusive Management, our inventory includes luxury rentals on the island’s three most popular sides. In addition to spacious homes, we also offer rentals at some of the top Kauai beach resorts.

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