Top 5 Cafes on Kauai

Coffee is one of the most widespread plants in the world. Withstanding borders, cultures and time, humans have cultivated coffee in even the most remote locations on earth. The island of Kauai is no exception. Growing in yards, botanical gardens and even plantations, coffee has a distinct presence in paradise. And, thanks to passionate aficionados, […]

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Off the Beaten Path: Nature Walks on Kauai

It takes little to no effort to experience nature’s grandeur on Kauai. Once you’ve stepped off the plane, you are immersed within breathtaking beauty. From there, driving along Kuhio Highway to your home-away-from-home, striking mountains and vast ocean vistas unravel from sky to sea. There are hundreds of ways to enjoy Kauai’s natural beauty. For […]

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5 Fantastic Happy hours on Kauai

Every hour on Kauai has the potential for happiness. There are a few hours, however, that are so potently happy, they are named in accordance. It is a time, each day, when people gather, celebrate and usher in the evening after a perfect day. Hence, happy hour in paradise is more than discounted drinks; happy […]

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Update on Hawaii’s floods and volcanoes

Despite water and fire, paradise thrives… Kauai After The Flooding The best thing you can do to help support Hawaii is to come and enjoy it’s magic! As residents on the islands of Kauai and The Big Island assimilate nature’s movement, daily life continues to reveal the many blessings of living on a paradise island. […]

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Kauai’s Conscious Food Scene

Kauai— a sanctuary where food is nourishment, medicine and a true experience. Indulge in the intentionally-curated island cuisines that keep people coming back for more. Kauai is a mecca of delicious, good-for-you foods. With impeccable ingredients to work with, passionate foodies have created mouth-watering meals and serene spaces to enjoy them in. Spread across the […]

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