Top 5 Cafes on Kauai

Coffee is one of the most widespread plants in the world. Withstanding borders, cultures and time, humans have cultivated coffee in even the most remote locations on earth. The island of Kauai is no exception. Growing in yards, botanical gardens and even plantations, coffee has a distinct presence in paradise. And, thanks to passionate aficionados, Kauai has its very own cafe culture to experience.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite cafes on Kauai (listed by location, not rating):

North Shore

Hanalei Bread Company

Downtown Hanalei

The allure of this cafe is pure ambiance. Set in the heart of Hanalei, the remodeled floor plan welcomes you into an open-air lanai surrounded by morning-lit mountains and the quaint bustle of a beach town. However, the selection of drinks and bites is equally enticing. Organic and local options flood the menu, including tea from Kauai Farmacy and Golden Milk made with Laird Hamilton’s Superfood. You will also find an array of fresh-baked pastries, breads, breakfast items and goodies to fuel up your day. Gluten-free options available!

Don’t be dismayed by long lines… it’s a popular spot! Open 7-5 daily.

Trilogy Coffee

Kilauea Town
The newest addition to Kauai’s cafe culture, Trilogy is quite possibly the trendiest option around. Here, tucked behind the stone-walled structure in the center of town, you will discover a gem of defined style and refined taste. Dedicated to quality, service and sustainability, the staff will receive your order and prepare your drink with exceptional care. Here, you can find a carefully selected array of vegetarian, vegan, organic and gluten-free treat options to pair with your cup.

The theme here seems to be “quality, not quantity,” so take your time, sip with love and enjoy! Open Mon-Sat 7:30-6 and Sun 8-2.