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Despite water and fire, paradise thrives…

Kauai After The Flooding

The best thing you can do to help support Hawaii is to come and enjoy it’s magic!

As residents on the islands of Kauai and The Big Island assimilate nature’s movement, daily life continues to reveal the many blessings of living on a paradise island.

Despite scattered evidence of the flash flooding that surprised Kauai in April of this year, businesses are open to the public and the sun shines radiantly upon Hanalei Bay. Visitors are able to fully experience the stunning majesty of Kauai’s North Shore gem! While the North Shore is the only area that experienced severe damage, construction is well underway to recuperate the losses. Black Pots Beach Park remains off-limits and Kuhio Highway north of Hanalei is only open to local traffic.

The flooding that occurred was both humbling and empowering. A beautifully transparent relationship with nature is unavoidable when living in a location with grand natural influence. Thankfully, no one was hurt and only material aspects of life were damaged. In turn, community has banded together and support has showed up from all over the world. Relationships have been strengthened and the values that knit life together fortified.

The island continues to thrive, businesses continue to service and aloha continues to inspire.

Kauai Island Volcano

Hawaii’s Big Island Volcano

Three hundred miles southeast of Kauai, volcanic activity on Hawaii’s Big Island is a stunning display of nature’s prowess. Twenty four fissures have opened up near Pahoa in Leilani Estates (19 are still active), calling for evacuations and surrender to Pele’s raw power. While homes have been lost, no lives have been taken. The activity is making the biggest impact locally and is relatively contained. While residents as far as Kona are experiencing tremors and vog, life as usual continues.

“The news made it seem way worse than it is,” said Kona resident, Abbey Koshak. “Besides the thick air, few tourists and shaky ground, it’s normal here. The ocean brings us solace as usual, so frequent visits to the sea happen as often as possible!”

Hawaii volcano Kauai

The upbeat demeanor of Hawaii’s locals is widespread. Nearly everyone you talk to tells a story of gratitude and perseverance.

As recovery from the flooding on Kauai ensues and the Big Island continues to activate, the true nature of Hawaii is revealed: strength, endurance, positivity and adaptation. Despite change on the surface, the islands are still the same magical place they always have been. The doors are still open to tourists. Stunning sights and life-changing experiences await your presence. The activated elements of Hawaii just make it that much more enlivening.

“There was a monk seal at Kau Bay!” Reports Abbey Koshak, who works on a snorkel tour boat based in Kona. “First time I’ve seen one. So that’s cool!”

Koshak’s enthusiasm is indicative of the wonder and discovery that exists in each moment of island life. As the news focuses on devastation, perhaps we can take a hint from a local… and focus on the mysterious beauty of Aloha and all the ways in which it manifests.

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