The Coconut Wireless

The Coconut Wireless is a medium of communication, specific to Kauai. Through the coconut wireless, dreams come true, desires are manifested, prayers are answered and blessings are bestowed. It is not tangible, however. There is no office, no operator, no website. The coconut wireless exists in the land, in the air, in the ocean and […]

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Lae Nani: A Secret Cove Along The Coconut Coast

Boasting a location too good to be true, The Lae Nani 123 Suite is newly renovated and awaiting your presence. This East Shore gem is nestled next to a secret family-friendly beach along Kauai’s Coconut Coast. Enjoy the riches of oceanfront life within the comfort of a freshly uplifted condo.  The complete overhaul of this […]

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Hanapepe Art Night

Last week’s blog featured a monumental monthly Art Night on the East Shore (Kapaa Art Walk). This week we are highlighting a hip weekly Art Night in the quaint South Shore town of Hanapepe. The Hanapepe Art Night is notoriously favored by visitors and locals alike. Every Friday the quiet town of Hanapepe transforms into […]

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