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Last week’s blog featured a monumental monthly Art Night on the East Shore (Kapaa Art Walk). This week we are highlighting a hip weekly Art Night in the quaint South Shore town of Hanapepe.

The Hanapepe Art Night is notoriously favored by visitors and locals alike. Every Friday the quiet town of Hanapepe transforms into a buzzing hive of artful activity. Street food, local vendors and performers fill the streets with their creations. Art galleries, stores and restaurants stay open late. And people from all over the world gather to celebrate and admire the unique expression of Hawaii-inspired art.

What makes the Hanapepe Art Night different? The intimate atmosphere in this historic town sets the stage for a quality experience. Vendors take time to talk story. Food is prepared with intentional care. And the vibrant tenacity of celebration is balanced out by a small-town Kauai vibe that cannot be overrun.

Go ahead. Stroll the streets. Experience the freedom of inspired expression. We are confident you’ll discover your own gems… but for starters, we’ve chosen a few treasures to clue you in on:

Featured Artist: AG37 Hawaii Creations

Alexandra has captured the essence of Aloha in a completely novel way. Using a combination of woodburning and painting, this Venezuelan-born artist creates impeccable works of art by hand. From impressive hardwood displays to intricate earrings, you cannot find anything else like this in the world. Her honest intention and love for life permeate every piece of art. Seek out her booth, meet the maker and hand-select your own piece of paradise to take home…

Check out Alexandra’s art:

Featured Food: Midnight Bear

Midnight Bear Bakery has been taking Kauai by storm for the past six years. Ursa Swift and Evan McAfee started selling their artesian bread at farmer’s markets in 2012 and to this day they are the first booth to sell out. Combining quality organic ingredients with a traditional European approach, they have become a staple source of happiness for locals across the island. You can experience Midnight Bear in all its glory at their trendy storefront in downtown Hanapepe during the Friday Art Night. Tip: try their pizza!

Learn more about Midnight Bear Bakery:

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Featured Store: Talk Story Bookstore

Step foot in America’s western-most bookstore and discover the passion that has kept it alive for 14 years! Winner of 17 awards, this bookstore is more than meets the eye. You’ll most likely be greeted at the door by one of the owners and offered a private tour. Peruse the isles. Scan the sections. Immerse yourself in this book-lovers paradise and don’t be surprised if you discover a doorway to another world!

Learn more about Midnight Bear Bakery: