Our Cancellation Policy

Kauai Exclusive has recently made changes to its cancellation policy in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are the key changes to our cancellation policy:

  • Reservations will be paid in full 30 days before arrival (instead of 60 days).
  • Reservations that guests cancel more than 30 days (previously 60 days) before arrival will receive a refund for the 25% deposit (less a $50 service fee).
  • Guest cancellations less than 30 days (previously 60 days) prior to arrival will result in a forfeiture of entire nightly rent total, unless you have purchased our Flexible Cancel Option. You may read more about the Flexible Cancel Option below.

Flexible Cancel Option

The Flexible Cancel Option allows guests to cancel up to the day of arrival and receive a full refund for the reservation total. Below are the terms of the Flexible Cancel Option.

  • You can choose to pay seven percent (7%) of the total nightly rent for a non-refundable “Flexible Cancel Option”.
  • The Flexible Cancel Option is an “opt-out” item that is automatically charged to your reservation unless you opt out.
  • Flexible Cancel Option allows you to cancel your reservation anytime up to the day of arrival and receive a refund of your reservation total, excluding the Flexible Cancel Option. The Flexible Cancel Option is non-refundable.
  • If you do not purchase the Flexible Cancel Option, the normal Cancellation and Refund Policy will apply. You will forfeit 100% of the nightly rent total if you cancel within thirty (30) days of arrival.
Cancellation policy