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Wintertime on Kauai brings a tropical kind of wonderland. World-famous waves roll into the North Shore. Gentle showers nourish the lush jungle foliage. And rainbows streak the dramatic Pacific skies.

The Garden Island comes to life in the winter. Rain, sun, warm temperatures and Aloha create ideal conditions to explore the multifaceted nature of paradise. It’s hard to pin down what to expect when traveling to Kauai in the winter, but we hope this guide gives you a good idea of what you can look forward to.

Activities On The Water

Kauai surfing


Expect them! November through March is whale season on Kauai. Migrating from Alaska, these oceanic angels flock to the warm Hawaiian waters to mate, give birth and rear their newborns. While whale tours give you an up-close and personal experience, breaching and spouting can be observed from vistas across the island!


Try it or watch it! Whether you are eager to join the lineup or happy leaving it to the pros, there is a safe and approachable way to enjoy the legendary waves of Kauai. Stay tuned for our next blog on Learning to Surf on Kauai.

*Regardless of experience or expectation, please exercise extreme caution when entering the ocean. Winter swells can be unassumingly strong, with dangerous undertows and rip-currents. Always check to see if other people are already in the water and observe their behavior. When in doubt, don’t go out.

Other Activities

Kauai hiking


Get out there! Kauai is lined with trails and access points to its inner-beauty. Whether it’s rain or shine, one can appreciate the pristine essence of tropical nature. Check out Koke’e State Park and its intricate trail system, visit our Off The Beaten Path: Nature Walks on Kauai blog, or book a hike with our helpful Kauai Exclusive Concierge Service! Recommended hiking wear includes: a light rain jacket and sturdy shoes with tread.


With an abundance of delicious, locally-grown (or caught) food and an equally diverse array of quality restaurants, you could spend you entire vacation eating and never get bored! Visit our food blogs: Kauai’s Conscious Food Scene, Waterfront Restaurants on Kauai, and Kauai Fruit & Juice Stands for spectacular recommendations.


Cultural, botanical, adventurous… so much to see and do! Most tours run rain or shine. Check out our blogs Kauai Adventure Tours and Our Favorite Gardens On Kauai for tour options and recommendations!


Come prepared for it, but don’t expect it. Although weather trends suggest winter rains, it is common to get days or even weeks of blue sky and sunshine! Light rainwear may come in handy, like a warm-weather rain jacket, poncho, or simply an umbrella. If you plan to do some hiking, shoe wear with tread is helpful upon the slippery clay-like soil. Although rain may fall, remember its still warm, so outdoor adventuring is enjoyable and invigorating if you’re okay with getting a little damp.