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On Kauai, a peaceful sense of place permeates the air. You’re here… On a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific. And there is nowhere else to be.

An inherent spiritual nature of Kauai lends itself to this sense of peace. Here, relaxation and connection are readily attainable. So, while you’re here, allow yourself to surrender and experience connection— connection to your surroundings, to the present moment and to yourself.

The practice of yoga is all about connection. Through breath, movement and awareness, yoga aims to connect our mind, body and spirit in the apex of the very moment at hand. Within this very moment, where everything exists, paradise is truly found.

So, why not find your personal paradise in paradise? The peaceful nature of the island is the perfect pairing for your journey to enlightenment…

Regardless if you’ve practiced yoga or not, there’s something here for everyone. Here are a few of our favorite studios to check out…

Yoga Hanalei

Hanalei Town

Perched above the iconic Hanalei Town Center, this incognito yoga studio is a blissful epicenter. Based on the classic yogic tradition of Krishnamacharya, Yoga Hanalei focuses on proper alignment, attunement and philosophy. Therein, teachers safely guide you into novel positions, using a fun array of tools, props and encouraging suggestions. With a wide range of classes, you can surely find one that suites your level.

Hint: A great studio to sneak a class in while the family shops or plays at the beach.

Drop-in: $25, Traveler’s: $65: includes mat and 3 classes (valid 14 days).

5-5161 Kuhio Hwy., Suite E204, Hanalei

(808) 826-YOGA

Metamorphose Yoga

Kilauea Town

The sincere ambiance of Metamorphose is a sanctuary within the heart of Kilauea Town. Just stepping into the boutique can melt your tension and dissolve your guard. Find rare, hand-picked attire, metaphysical tools and Eastern goods within these aromatic walls. Past the boutique is an open, sunlit studio— a serene stage set for your practice. The classes here are a gentle, challenging and genuine approach to Hatha and Vinyasa styles. With a dedicated community of practitioners, you will be warmly welcomed to the Metamorphose Ohana.

Hint: Find the boutique line of Mama’s Home Tie Dye here— the infamous beachy-bohemian, island-inspired, hand-died attire.

Drop-in: $20, 5 class pack: $90.

4270 Kilauea Road, Kilauea


Waves Yoga


For those who want a little more, Waves Yoga activates your practice with the use of infrared ceramic filtered space heaters. Here, you can find classes geared towards ultimate fitness, body awareness, balance, deep relaxation and detoxification. Advanced classes cater to experienced practitioners and athletes, while basic classes provide a platform for everyone to sink into their own bliss.

Hint: You can book a personal session for the infrared sauna— “the most effective method to receive the numerous health benefits of this radiant energy without EMF radiation.”

Drop-in: $24, week unlimited: $65.

Princeville Center 5-4280 Kuhio Hwy, E-103


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