Surfing on Kauai

The most remote island chain in the world, the Hawaiian archipelago is an epicenter for all things rare. Isolated and super-charged with mana, theses islands harbor unique plant species, ancient Polynesian customs and some of the most outstanding waves in the world. Kauai, the oldest of all Hawaiian islands, stands out amongst the rest when […]

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Winter Activities on Kauai

Wintertime on Kauai brings a tropical kind of wonderland. World-famous waves roll into the North Shore. Gentle showers nourish the lush jungle foliage. And rainbows streak the dramatic Pacific skies. The Garden Island comes to life in the winter. Rain, sun, warm temperatures and Aloha create ideal conditions to explore the multifaceted nature of paradise. […]

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Off the Beaten Path: Nature Walks on Kauai

It takes little to no effort to experience nature’s grandeur on Kauai. Once you’ve stepped off the plane, you are immersed within breathtaking beauty. From there, driving along Kuhio Highway to your home-away-from-home, striking mountains and vast ocean vistas unravel from sky to sea. There are hundreds of ways to enjoy Kauai’s natural beauty. For […]

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