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After 14 months of restoration, Kauai’s infamous far North Shore is re-opened! Visitors and locals alike are now welcome to comb the white sand beaches, snorkel the precious reefs and experience the brand new pilgrimage trail to Ke’e Beach.

Kauai’s North Shore is a world famous destination. It’s the land of golden sunsets and enrapturing coastlines. The road skirts dramatic mountain curves and hugs the ocean’s edge, leading you through a breathtaking jungle oasis. Salty gems such as Tunnels Beach, Ha’ena Beach Park and Ke’e Beach are all alluring stops along the way.

Restoring The Beauty Of The North Shore

For the past year, Hanalei Town has stood as the gatekeeper to this sacred wilderness, marking the end-of-the-road for all except local residents with permits to pass.

Since the floods of April 2018, the far North Shore has been inaccessible to the pubic. But now, after massive reconstruction, renovation and restoration, this magical road is ready to feed your soul.

One whole year of hard work has allowed the North Shore to get back on its feet. Road crews have completely stabilized and rebuilt parts of the highway that were washed away by landslides. Homes have been renovated. Upgraded systems have been implemented to accommodate the steady flow of visitors. And, much to our surprise, nature has proven its ability to self-remediate.

Hanalei View

It’s amazing what a little bit of time and space can foster. Previous to April 2018, the North Shore was one of the heaviest tourist attractions on Kauai, hosting thousands of visitors each day. Over time, this took a toll on the environment’s equilibrium. The road degraded. Paths wore thin. Coral Reef declined. But after just one year, we have witnessed an unprecedented restoration of microclimate health. Sea life has returned. Local flora is flourishing. And coral reef is revitalizing!

Thankfully, we can all witness the fresh beauty that a little bit of rest has bestowed. And, simultaneously, we can contribute to the evolving magnitude of awe-inspiring mana (or life force). Now, more than ever, it is our kuleana (or responsibility) to tread lightly and respectfully.

The word kuleana actually means more than just ‘responsibility’. It speaks to a reciprocal relationship between the person who is responsible and the thing which they are responsible for. Hence, the respect for which we pay to the aina (or land), ke kai (the sea) and all beings therein directly enhances the moment of experience we live. It’s aloha. It’s life. It’s to live in full presence with all elements at play.

Visiting The North Shore

To embark on your North Shore experience, a parking pass and reservation need to be booked online in advanced. Don’t worry… it’s easy and affordable. The intention is just to regulate the impact and maintain homeostasis in this sacred and sensitive ecosystem.

To make your North Shore permit and parking reservations online, go to: https://www.gohaena.com

For updated information on state parks and road closures, go to: https://dlnr.hawaii.gov/dsp/parks/kauai/haena-state-park/

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