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Once a month there is a party on Kauai that is not to be missed. The Kapaa Art Walk befalls on the first Saturday of every month, providing art, music, food and Hawaiian-style festivities.

Trendy Old Town Kapaa is in the midst of a cultural revival. Hipster cafes, local boutiques and fresh vibrations are pulsating through the streets of this East Shore town. And the very best way to experience the apex of aliveness is during the First Saturday Kapaa Art Walk.

Stores stay open late, restaurants fill every seat and sidewalks brim with activity. Along the entire stretch of downtown, local vendors set up shop, putting their unique expressions of Aloha on display. Street corners and alleyways feature all genres of music, including traditional Tahitian drumming, rock and indie. You can even catch a fire dancing performance if you’re lucky!

The epicenter of Kapaa Art Walk takes place on the lawn of the Kapaa First Hawaiian Church. Smack-dab in the middle of town— you can’t miss it. Dozens of tents create a halo of glowing activity. Painters, photographers, woodworkers, ceramicists, jewelry makers, fabric artists, bakers and more can be found displaying their art upon this grassy block in the middle of town. What’s more, food trucks and culinary vendors offer delicious treats and specialty morsels to partake in!

During this special evening in Kapaa, you are invited to indulge in all that Kauai has to offer. Around every corner there is something to discover. So, if you happen to be on Kauai for the first Saturday of the month, be sure to stroll the streets of Kapaa. You’ll surely walk away feeling alive, invigorated and inspired!

A few insider tips

  • Art vendors at the Kapaa First Hawaiian Church set up early on in the day (around 10), so you can experience the creative side of First Saturday without the party atmosphere that comes alive after sunset.
  • Parking may be tricky, but a spot always opens up for those who are patient 
  • You may utilize the Kapaa Bike Path to safely walk to/from your car/accommodation. The Bike Path is also a peaceful seaside reprieve that parallels the hustle and bustle of downtown.
  • Make reservations if you are planning to sit down for dinner on this busy evening!
  • Enjoy this special, eventful block party! And find yourself a local, handmade treasure to remember it by. There’s no better way to support Kauai’s local artists than by buying direct from the creator.
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