Cultural and Archeological Discoveries of Poipu

The popularity of Poipu amongst people can be traced back for thousands of years. What is now a favored location for visitors and locals alike, was also considered ideal eight thousand years ago.

With a history rich in cultural, geographical and economic events, Poipu’s past is seldom spoken about. Today, most visitors head to the “sunny south shore” of Kauai for its perfect weather, family-friendly beaches, ample activities, designer shopping and renowned restaurants. However, just slightly off the beaten path, you can find sacred sanctuaries, archeological sites, lava tubes and ancient trails that will take you back in time. Discover the full Poipu experience for yourself!

It’s easy to discover Poipu’s past once you know where to go. That’s why we’ve chosen three experiences to clue you in on. By exploring these places, we hope you feel the mana (Hawaiian for “life force”) that has drawn people here for thousands of years and may they inspire within you a deeper connection to the aina (Hawaiian for “land”).