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Poipu Vacation Rentals

Stay in one of Kauai's most popular towns to vacation in. Kauai Exclusive offers a nice selection of vacation rentals in sunny Poipu on Kauai's South Shore. We have Poipu vacation rentals located at:

  • Whalers Cove
  • Pane Makai House
  • Poipu Makai
  • Hale Kahanalu

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Poipu Rentals Book Now Price Beds Baths Contact Us
Poipu Beach House Pane Makai House $700 - $760 Nightly** 6 4 Book Now
Waipouli Whalers Cove $340 - $400 Nightly*** 2 2 Book Now
Poipu Beach House Turtle Suite $320 - $380 Nightly* 3 2 Book Now
Poipu Beach House Dolphin Suite $320 - $380 Nightly* 3 2 Book Now
Poipu Beach House Hale Kahanalu #6 $110 - $170 Nightly*** 2 1 Book Now
Poipu Beach House Hale Kahanalu #8 $110 - $170 Nightly*** 2 1 Book Now

Pane Makai House

The Pane Makai House - featuring the Turtle Suite and Dolphin Suite - opened to accommodate up to 7 people on Kauai's South Side. This Poipu vacation house offers guests the option of renting the entire Pane Makai House, or just one of the suites. Pane Makai is located on a quiet end-of-the-road lot only a block from Poipu Beach and just around the corner from Brenneke's and the Poipu Broiler. This Poipu vacation rental has many amenities including a fully equipped kitchen and BBQ grill onsite.

Kauai's Sunny South Shore

Kauai's South Shore is where the locals go to find sun when the rest of the island is raining. There are dive shops, activity huts, South Shore surf board and snorkel rentals as well as great Kauai shopping, featuring many handcrafted and locally made island products and souvenirs, all within walking distance or a short drive from the above listed Poipu vacation rentals.

In addition to all the activities and amenities Poipu offers, it also has beautiful weather and beaches as well as several scenic attractions, such as Spouting Horn. Be sure to visit Poipu Beach, a popular beach for both locals and tourists. Poipu Beach ranks at the top among the 10 "best" beaches selected nationwide and was named America's Best Beach by The Travel Channel.

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