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Popular Kauai-Made Food Products You'll Want to Take Home With You

Kauai is a place that is abundant in locally produced and locally made island products, offering everything from Kauai-themed T-shirts to handmade, one-of-a-kind shell jewelry.

It's November, the month of Thanksgiving. Small Business Saturday is also coming up on November 30. Being a locally owned and operated Kauai business, Kauai Exclusive is pleased to recognize other fine local businesses that all contribute to bettering our communities and the overall sustainability of the island.

5 Kauai-Made Edibles You Won't Want to Leave Without

The following Kauai-made food products make excellent souvenirs and gifts (perfect for the holidays), and can be found at several popular grocery stores and retailers across the island, as well as on most of the companies business websites.

1. Anahola Granola

Indulge in the BEST granola ever. A must try. Anahola Granola is a superior, handmade granola baked in small batches, already popular throughout Hawaii, and being served in many restaurants across the state. Try it with milk, try it with yogurt - you can even put it on ice cream - you will find a million ways to enjoy this Kauai-made product.

Anahola Granola

Photo courtesy of Anahola Granola

Their granola is available in an assortment of fresh, tropical flavors that are all satisfying and will provide you with an "unforgettable taste of the islands." Make breakfast better with Anahola Granola. (They also make other items like granola bars, perfect to stash in your carry on and eat on the airplane!)

2. Award-Winning Kauai Rum

In case you haven't heard yet, Kauai has a rum company. An award-winning premium Hawaiian rum company to be exact - the Koloa Rum Company - the first and only licensed distillery currently on island.

Koloa Rum

Photo courtesy of Koloa Rum Company

Kauai and great times go hand-in-hand and the Koloa Rum Company produces a stellar Kauai-made product, allowing you to (responsibly) enjoy Kauai to the fullest. Stop by their tasting room at Kilohana Plantation (next to Kauai Community College) for an afternoon of sampling some world-class Kauai spirits.

3. Island Grown Kauai Coffee

Taste what true Hawaii coffee tastes like. Wake up to the wonderfully distinct aroma and taste of Kauai grown coffee and reminisce on some of your favorite island memories over a cup or two.

Kauai Coffee Company

Photo courtesy of Kauai Coffee Company

The Kauai Coffee Company grows, packages, and distributes delicious coffee that is grown in direct Hawaii sunshine across 3,100 acres of Kauai. They are not only the largest coffee grower in the state of Hawaii - but also in the entire United States - with over 4 million coffee trees, producing a consistently high quality Kauai-made coffee.

4. Kauai Kookies

"The original Kauai cookie." The Kauai Kookie Company bakes up delicious, quality made cookies in a variety of island influenced flavors like Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut and Guava Macadamia Nut. Only the finest Hawaiian ingredients are used in all of their products. (It's difficult to only eat one cookie!) Kauai Kookies can also be found on the Mainland U.S. and overseas.

Kauai Kookie

Photo courtesy of Kauai Kookie

5. Premium Kauai Chocolate

Chocolate makes everything better, and tastes better on Kauai, of course. The Kauai Chocolate Company offers premium chocolate made right here on island. Another locally owned family business that began passionately creating fine Kauai chocolates and truffles in 2003. They offer an assortment of chocolates with unforgettable island flavors, varied fusions of ingredients like passion fruit, coconut, macadamia nuts, and Hawaiian sea salt.

Taking Kauai-Made Products Home with You

These are local products made by residents of Kauai. Local companies help ensure the island's future, Kauai's tomorrow. When you purchase Kauai-made products you will be treated to some local island favorites while simultaneously helping to contribute to the sustainability of the Garden Island. It's a win-win. There are plenty of island-made products that aren't listed here - we encourage you to try them all - and buy local.

These Kauai delights allow you to experience (and send friends and family) a little taste of what the island is all about; they entice the imagination, satisfy that craving, and leave you wondering what else Kauai has to offer...

Heighten your senses by experiencing the irresistibly delectable flavors of the Kauai tropics. What's a positive about returning home from a Kauai vacation? Unpacking your suitcase full of Kauai-made goodies! That being said, we recommend stocking up on these locally made island products, as some of them may just be your next new craving.

Tip: Want to bring Kauai-made products home with you? If you're just bringing a few items with you, your suitcase will suffice. However, if you want to buy large amounts (Costco sells some of these products in bulk), we recommend mailing them home due to airline fees and charges for extra baggage. Or order online and have them shipped directly to your door!

Posted by Moana Britt on November 19, 2013 at 2:30 PM.