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America's Food Truck Craze Hits Kauai

Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular across the United States with around 3 million trucks operating in 2013. The craze has recently made its way to Kauai, and not surprisingly, fits in quite nicely here. Kauai food trucks are actually one of the reasons Forbes named Kapaa, Kauai one of America's prettiest towns to travel to.

BE food truck kapaa

One of several food trucks in Downtown Kapaa

While plate-lunches and the idea of taking your food to go are nothing new to the island, the convenience of enjoying a freshly prepared - and hot - meal at a local beach (without having to do any of the prepping or carrying), after an afternoon of surfing or lounging in the sun, is highly appealing.

pacos tacos kapaa food truck

Paco's Tacos Mexican food in Downtown Kapaa

Currently, there are said to be in between 20-30 food trucks on Kauai, offering a variety of gourmet-style food choices, from local BBQ to Mexican food. While the whole idea behind food trucks is the ability to enjoy some great food in the perfect location, the reasonable price tag is an added perk.

Kauai Food Truck Locations

Pretty much anywhere you park on Kauai you get a first-class view, however, many food trucks have capitalized on hungry surfers and beachgoers as their main clientele. What makes many Kauai food trucks different from those across the nation is the fact that they can be found in the same location pretty much all the time. Most of them are located right off the road and in close proximity to beaches, and many even offer outdoor patios and seating.

kapaa outdoor seating

Beautiful outdoor seating is available at many food truck locations

Kapaa town and the Kapaa bike path have several food trucks to choose from, making it extremely easy to plan an afternoon enjoying the town. Hanalei, Kilauea, and Poipu are also great places to find food trucks on Kauai.

kettle corn food truck

Kauai even has its own kettle corn truck!

More and more trucks seem to be showing up in different places around the island and many people are lining up to see what's being served; if you find the right one, it can offer a great introduction to some international cuisine. In some places on island, you'll find several different food trucks parked close to one another, satisfying large groups and selective eaters, and offering somewhat of an outdoor food court.

happy snacks kapaa

Kauai food trucks are all about fresh and convenient

On a small island like this one, delicious, convenient food is welcomed and the opportunity to try something new never fails to draw a crowd. Word of mouth is still Kauai's most commonly used form of communication, so if you are looking for a good food truck to go to on Kauai, ask around. Locals know best.

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