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What Makes Kauai's Fall Season So Special?

Why should you visit Kauai in the fall? The fall season is a great time of year to visit the island because it's still warm compared to most parts of the world and also offers plenty to do.

Better Prices & Availability. During the fall season you can find some great deals on airfares, Kauai vacation rentals, and rental cars. This is a time when it's not as busy and many companies lower their prices in an attempt to fill seats and rooms. Deciding to vacation on Kauai during this time of year could end up saving you some money - and you still get to enjoy all of the greatness that Kauai has to offer. How sweet it is!


It's always a great time to vacation on Kauai!

There Are Less People On Island. By avoiding the busy times, like summer and winter, you are able to enjoy the island without the crowd. The fall season is typically a quieter time as far as visitors are concerned, so you will be able to enjoy emptier beaches, golf courses, roads, and resorts, giving you a little more one-on-one time with Kauai.

Kapaa Sushi Restaurant

You can also discover great Kauai food during the fall (Photo courtesy of Sushi Bushido Restaurant)

Fun Community Events. We also have plenty of community events going on, like Fall festivals and celebrations. These events are fun for everyone, allow you to meet some great people, can introduce you to some great local food, and help make this time of year extra memorable. Take the time to discover what goes on at Kauai's community events. You'll be glad you did.

Kauai Halloween Festival

Enjoy Kauai's community events like the North Shore Fall Festival - it's lots of fun!

Amazing Weather. Not surprisingly, Kauai has great weather during this time of the year. The fall weather on Kauai is balmy, however, slightly cooler than the heat of the summer. The winter rains have not yet arrived, allowing you to still enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, ocean kayaking, and lounging at the beach. The beaches are warm, and small waves start to come in, offering beginners a great opportunity to learn how to surf.


Anini Beach offers the perfect beach setting for those wanting to relax

When Isn't a Good Time to Visit Kauai?

Finding something to enjoy on Kauai in the fall comes easily, and offers a great time for those looking to escape the early signs of winter experienced in places not like Kauai. Come and see for yourself how much fun Kauai's fall season can be.

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