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3 Things You'll Love About Kauai

It's hard to narrow this topic down to only 3 things, because Kauai has so many wonderful things to love, but the following 3 things are hard to miss regardless of how long you're here for, or what time of year you visit.

1. The People

The first thing you'll notice from the moment you arrive, and remember long after you leave, are the people. They're quite unlike the people you're used to these days. What makes them different? Several things, I suppose. Mostly, the Aloha Spirit.

The people of Kauai are kind. They're loving. They're amazing hosts - even to complete strangers. I guess they've become incredibly friendly partly because they've become incredibly used to people coming and going, constantly meeting new people.

James Michener said, "The most beautiful of Hawaii's flowers are its people." And we couldn't agree with him more. Yes, pleasant to look at, but more than that, pleasant to be around and know. Kauai is a special place, so it's no wonder that it has special people, too.

2. The Sights

The many sights of Kauai are so beautiful, they're almost indescribable. There are so many gorgeous things to see, you almost don't even know what to look at. You're actually immersed in beauty. It surrounds you everywhere you go. It's inescapable. You simply feel blessed to be in such a place, almost not believing such a place exists. But it does, and it's called Kauai.

kauai sunsets

Kauai, Hawaii

Regardless of which side of the island you are on, there are always gorgeous sights to feast your eyes on. Picture perfect, Kauai is composed of lush mountains dripping with waterfalls, palm trees gently swaying in the sweet Hawaiian breeze, amazing wildlife, stunning beaches, colorful sunsets, and beautifully carved valleys (just to name a few of its attributes). One of the oldest and the northernmost of the Hawaiian islands, Kauai's sights command attention and never fail to draw a smile.

3. The Food

Kauai is home to some of the best food in the world. Food is such a natural part of life. We literally need it to survive. There's always food that "wows" you, enlightens you, makes you feel like you're meeting a long lost friend, makes you feel like you're back home again.

Sometimes it's hard to find good food. We've become spoiled by endless options and fooled by convenient "want-to-bes." But great food is unforgettable. It's fresh. It's unique. It's just plain good. Kauai is a place where you can reunite with good food and discover flavors you never want to live without.

Kapaa Sushi Restaurant

Photo courtesy of Sushi Bushido Restaurant

We have great food. We have great chefs. You have so much to taste and choose from. You have the natural provisions - vibrantly colored vegetables and fruits that grow year-round, and fresh fish from the ocean - but you also have amazing chefs that live here and serve delectably unique creations that never fail to impress. Healthy, fresh, and flavorful, Kauai is simply delicious.

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