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3 Reasons to Visit Kauai During Your Winter Vacation

Trying to decide when you should plan a trip to Kauai? Why not consider taking the family to a beautiful island resort or vacation home on Kauai over winter break? Vacationing on the Garden Island is magical at any time of the year, but visiting during winter - and for the holidays - is extra special. Kauai doesn't have ice or snow, but it does offer other comparably fun and exciting things to do. The following are three reasons you'll appreciate vacationing on Kauai during the winter months.

1. Unforgettable Winter Surf

Winter is an exciting time on Kauai and is highly anticipated by both locals and returning visitors as this is the time the island gets some unforgettable surf - great for those wanting to surf on Christmas Day or over the holidays.

Kauai Winter Surf

Photo of Stephan Koehne

Kauai's winter waves offer the ride of a lifetime for surfers wanting to get barreled or just catch that "one really good wave." The ocean is Kauai's winter wonderland. Plenty of great surfers live on the island and can be regularly seen out in the line up, but the winter months also attract additional well known, talented surfers from around the world, providing unbeatable viewing entertainment for beachgoers.

2. Whale Watching

Winter on Kauai also means it's time to watch for whales. Humpback whales migrate to Hawaii's warm waters every year (usually from Nov. - May) to mate and birth their young, and can be seen up close on whale watching tours, the best way to see whales on Kauai, as well as from a distance from several Kauai beaches and vantage points.

Just keep your eyes on the horizon. When the whales arrive they put on a show. During the winter months you are likely to see water spouts, breaching whales, jumping whales, and even the classic whale tail.

Good Places on Kauai to Whale Watch From Land

While any place that gives you a good panoramic view of the ocean and coastline is a good place for whale watching, here are some recommended places on Kauai to go watch for whales:
  • North Shore: Kilauea Lighthouse, Ke'e Beach
  • East Side: Kealia Lookout, Ahukini Harbor
  • South Shore: Spouting Horn, Mahaulepu Beach
  • West Side: Barking Sands Major's Bay

3. The Tropical Island Weather

Want to spend your Christmas vacation lounging in a beach hammock sipping on holiday cocktails, reading a good book, or simply doing nothing at all? (Yes, please.) Forget about freezing temperatures and snow this winter, come to Kauai for the warm, tropical weather. One reason you'll enjoy vacationing on Kauai during the winter is thanks to the beautiful year round island weather.

Hanalei Bay Kauai

Hanalei Bay, North Shore, Kauai

Often referred to as having "the best weather on the planet," this proves especially true this time of year. While it's freezing in most places around the world, here on Kauai it is always warm, not usually dropping below 70 degrees during the day. You can comfortably relax at the beach with your toes in the sand. If you'd rather have a beach day instead of a snow day, Kauai is the place you want to be.

Bonus - You Can Celebrate the Holidays in Hawaii

Some people don't really think about it, but Kauai is a great place to celebrate the holidays. While the island does celebrate with classic holiday traditions it also offers a different way to spend the holidays thanks to many unique island characteristics - such as immaculate surf conditions, balmy weather, and friendly, island-happy personalities.

Kauai is a place that revolves around family, embraces tradition, and promotes generosity to others, creating an ideal place to spend the holidays. Visit Kauai during this time of year and experience the Aloha and Christmas spirit go hand-in-hand for an extra special holiday vacation.

Visiting Kauai During Winter

Kauai is a popular vacation destination spot, even (and especially) during the winter. If you're planning a trip to the island, the earlier you can book a Kauai vacation condo the better. They go quick.

Come and experience a new and pleasant kind of winter. Come and discover Kauai.

Posted by Moana Britt on December 13, 2013 at 1:35 PM.